Nike Dunk Low SB Samples "Chirping Bird"

Looks like the team at the Nike Skateboarding might be coming back to their old ways again. Me and other SB fans from around the globe all agree that most recent dunks that have been released haven't been up to par, but I see the creativity is coming back now or might be just this shoe. Either way I am feeling this sample so far as it is black denim until you hit the sole with a white mid and a red bottom with a black patent leather swoosh logo. Here's the catch though, the fat tongue on the dunk lows are still intact! And the tongue on this shoe brings a surprise. When you push on the tongue its make a bird chirping sound, yea that's right a bird chirp lol... should be called the "Twitter Dunk" to me... I know lame, but who cares! Check out the video if you don't believe me and more pictures below too.


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