The Xmas Spirit

merry christmas bloggees and bloggettes. hope yall had ate goodm spent time with the loved ones and recieved the gifts yall want. i didnt receive much mainly cause the bday is coming up real soon like in two weeks so i definetly going to splurge and party hard.


im preparing for this weekend and and next wtuesday night, where i will be drinking heavenily and hope to get some cutty lmao. yall remember the movie ATL, it was on BET last night.

my where abouts for friday, saturday and tuesday...

well catch me at the icon partying to tcb on friday night. definetly be in that picture booth alot with fellas and the sexy ladies. so me there and on saturday...

well you know i stay in love night club right after im off the clock at the club i will be partying and drinking my ass off, poppin bottles as always.

then on tuesday well the TBA folks...

well thats my rundown people hope i see you there and if you do see me make sure you say wassup.


Gorilla Zoe - Lost Official Video

finally there is a video release to this song. this was one of my favorite songs in the summer time and will get plenty of playback when zoe's second album "dont feed the animal" comes out next year. check out this hot joint and give me some feedback.


Marbury... Enough Said.

i sure wish i was this dude above. its crazy how he is getting paid to not even show up to the organization door step. this dude was toold by the knicks to saty away from them and what he do? this dude flies his way out to los angeles to the knicks and lakers and buys his own tickets, and sits courtside watching the game talking on his cell phone. some might say that ignorant and some say thats swagg, call it what you want, but this dude just made 20 million dollars in one year, the easiest way possible.

and wahst up with that tattoo. worse idea ever!

Remember This?

one night i was in the house surprisingly and was watching one fo the funniest shows on adult swim which is on cartoon network on late nights. no not family or the boondocks, but robot chicken. the show is too funny especially if your are intoxicated or high lol. i had a chance to watch this episode that brought back memories of the first playstation when it showed a clip of parappa the rapper, remember that guy? the dog that would ryhme with the green dude that would qoute, "kick push its all in your mind..." lmao well heres a clip of the joint that had me laughing that night for a long as time.

Grand Theft Store

this is crazy i never seen a robbery this insane. like what the fuck, the clerk couldnt do shit and ceck out how the dudes stole the whole rack of snacks and the other dude go behind the desk. this had to be one of those high school pranks that would be on mtv. this is a classic for me right here!

Verizon Customers Be Grateful...

check out the new samsung omnia phone. its a good look for verizon users and pocket pc lovers. with this and the htc touch pro coming out, verizon customers will have a good holiday season.

i like how they have a drag and drop feature. the video below gives you a full list of features and if your use to the hacking tools given out on the web just know your pro or omnia will be spazzed out.

p.s. shout out to boooogie whose been waiting for a new verizon phone to upgrade too.


The McDouble?

is mcdonalds going broke too? like peope loved the double cheeseburger for only a dollar, now the franchise wanna add on a damn .19 cents for a slice of cheese; two double cheeseburgers is like 2.65 instead of 2.05 now... the econmy is all messed up right now if Mcdonalds alter their dollar menu for a damn slice of cheese lol


Kanye West - Eat Shit & Die

lmao to kanye. wow!

Baton Rape... Wow!!!!

if things could get any worst with the police. you usually see people getting beaten with the baton, but not raped. thats crazy! that sick and homo to the fullest. how can they see that amusing.


New Lebron x Nike x Lil Wayne Commercial

i saw this joint yesterday while watching the best sport (college basketball), big ups to the terps for having a big win over the then number six team in the nation, the michigan states spartans. check this commercial as Weezy makes an appearance in the joint as well as Lamarcus Aldridge of the Portland Trailblazers.


Money Mayweather Makes It Rain

i would of been rumblin for some cash in that joint came out with a few numbers and a whole lot of cash......

maybe pay a bill or two lls....

AMA's Perfomances 08

kanye west - heartless

need that jacket...

rihanna - rehab

slick rick's daughter...

beyonce - sinlge ladies


Goofy Boy Nike SB Dunks Low

big ups to nikesb.org for givin me the latest info on my favorite footwear (nike dunk sb). im feeling these early 09 releases of the goofy boy dunks. the color way is something i am looking forward too as i am changing my style alot since last year. i wasnt old enough to remember how the common skateboarder dressed in the nineties but to me they were pretty wack lol.

Confirmed.... Countdown Package 11/12

prepare. 12-26-08 will be insane for every shoe store in america.

Season Finale to Entourage

well even though the new season of "24" is segt to kick off just around the corner, one of my favorite shows has just ended with a season finale. "entourage" season 5 was a great one and i have to wait til next summer for the next season to begin.... (sigh)

if havent checked out entourage make sure you do.... had some cool cameos also. for those that saw the season finale episode. did anyone check out how tall micheal phelps (the olympic swimmer) was compared to e lls. looked like david and goliath lol. e bumped into his rib caged lol.

well so long hbo as you left me with nothing to watch on your network now that "the wire" will never air again and "entourage" has left me anticipated for next season to air.

p.s. check out http://www.dctobc.com the boy modi has the whole entourage season 5 avalable for download and viewing purposes high quality.


its back finally!!!!!!!!!! damn writers strike had me mad long enough.

even though this is just a prequel to the new season airing jan. 11..... oh i am so stoked for the 7th season premiere...




check out gucci, gotti, and ralph in their underground hit sigle BRICKS!!!!! a personal favorite by guccie mane and he dmv loves this joint too. video is hot and its shows the typical gucci mane lifestyle. even while in jail he still can bring us hot shit... FREE GUCCI!!!! and check out the brother big ass chain, no homo it humungous!!!!!!, i mean damn gucci, how many bricks that thang cost you.


Video Provided by DatPiff.com


Episode 10 of Entourage...

this week i was watching the new episode of entourage andddddddddddddddddddd...

wow, the show opens up with a phone conversation and bow wow is on one end of the phone getting it in...... out of all people this dude gets the cuddy. you couldn't even pay me to watch the dude have sex with anything.


they played a hot track from kid cudi called "day n nite" (check it out below).

Day N Nite [Main] - Kid Cudi

shout out to the boy modi from dctobc.com (check it out) for putting me on the song that was featured on his blast off vol. 2 - mcfly mixtape. the joint is crazy with lots of good music.

but make sure you get on the entourage series on hbo as there is only two episodes left folks and that just perfect timing for me cause on of my favorite shows return to primetime folk on the 23rd.......................

all new season of 24.... jack bauer backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

I'am Blown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well as of today i am no longer a maryland state driver people.......... thatnks to the pressed out cops on greenbelt the bastards took away my license and all i can say is no more whippin around the dmv on my leisure time. see me rollin' shotgun and no more driver seat for a few weeks


Fired Up? Ready To Go!

this morning i was watching my favorite radio show like always, the russ parr morning show (shout outs to the whole crew). and there was a sound clip of PRESIDENTS OBAMA'S speech in VA yesterday and it was to real.

i just feel inspired when hereing him say.....



here we go....



Why The Trade?

today im at about a little past noonish im sitting at the carolina kitchen at the blvd with my mans kal and cameron and i sit a a spot where i can look at the flatscreen with espn on it. so as i look at it, i saw a the right time cause the crap said allen iverson has been traded to the detriot pistons......... WTF!!!! i screamed. yes i did say it out loud too. so then i kept reading and it said he was traded for chauncey billups (noooooooooo!!!!!), antonio mcdyess and some random unfamilair salary waste of foregin center. all i asked is y? what is the logic behind this trade.

later today......

so i get on yahoo and they explained the whole purpose of the trade.... and they say,

they are getting lebron in 2010........... wow!!!!!! i can't wait for that day to happen.

Chris Brown x Keri Hilson - Superhuman

i honestly like the video and just too attracted to keri hilson on another level ever since the energy video. chris keeps making these songs with these female vocalist thats making him look ten times better. but the video is a good look though for the both even though chris has already eatablished himself, keri hilson on the other hand i think may jus reached the enough exposure that she needs to have a successful album.
remember a few years back when lebron made a series of comercials for the zoom lebron III. well bron bron is back with his sixth shoe and probably the funniest commercial of em all.... just check out buisness lebron as he swagg outs the clip.

the shoes i might get tho.................................. to hoop in.

im a big fan of kidrobot and now an emerging fan of nooka brand watches..... after seeing one of these babies the other day at an up against the wall store, i got hip to it real fast. so i think i will be making a purchase of this accessory real soon.

This Weekend..... Wow!!!!!

this weekend was just great for me havent had this must action in a while.... well, what did i do friday through sunday... let's see folks:

one night stand (really)
made money
ate some good ass seafood
got drunk as a b!tch
slept all sunday
got yelled at by my folks
got the felatio watch some football
............ and so for

may i want to ask that i took a new approach to blogging. you kno i check a lot of blogs out and wanted to see what mines was missing and i think i found it....

anyways i took some good photos at the club on sunday for my boys thomas and isaacs bday party... they had a ball and i did too ( i hope). i probably spent a good thousand dollars in the past three days, but oh well all i can do is sing one of my favorite songs right now, yo gotti and gucci mane - mo money. i fyou havent heard well here is your chance right now to hear it.....


well thats see what i did at the club on saturday..... in case you didnt know what club it is, its only love.... each and every saturday. and in case you didnt know also i work there so maybe you see me in there alot because of that reason.....

now for the pics.....

me, irv, and mike = elite 8 ent
check us out, bottle poppers
irv, mr romey rome and charlton
hot could we forget lloyd down there with the three
rose, nuvo..... i was drunk as shit...... still fresh though right?
me and karla before my departure that night
look at that crowd sheeesh!!!... glad i wasnt out there

me and the boy wayne....... were sponsored by Nuvo if you didnt know..... lls

me and irv again with rob diggs ?(gw foward) and his boy

kitrea... trynna look glam..... at least lls

as you can see the night was pretty extravagant for me ... wonder what you guys did. more pics will be up real soon from the night

sunday i didnt do much i just slept in the house til 3 and got some seafood from atlantic seafood. the meal was on point too!!! and just chilled for the rest of the day watching sme football games.
one including my patriots losing............ (sighhhh)
but thats how the weekend went and this tuesday ill be ready to vote........ Obama 08 People!!!!!!