Lil Wayne - Run This Town & More

This is the only Lil Wayne I am accustomed to just raw freestyles like the Dedication 1 and 2 and the Drought... you catch my drift. He kills the track though and i see the "No Ceilings" mixtape might be his best since the Dedication 1 an 2... lets hope so cause this might be his last mixtape for a year after pleading guilty to a weapons charge and might serve more time due to a drup possession charge he has in Arizona.

Its funny to me that Lil Wayne is going to jail and he said this line in one of his raps
"i rather be in the ground pushin flowers than in the pin sharin showers..."

Now Listen!

Download Lil Wayne - Run This Town

Here is what he says in the song if you had to keep rewinding the track...

“We are, so ready for thee war
C-A-R-T-E-R, put the beat in E.R.
I’m colder than B-R, add another three R’s
Watch me like DVD, VCR
Pump to your chest, I ain’t talkin’ CPR
Ridin’ this track like a mother fuckin’ street car
New Orleans Coronor, his name is Frank Minior
Fuck with me wrong, you’ll be waking up in his yard
Man, I go crazy on the beat, I go nimrod
Man, I act an ass, treat the beat like a hemorrhoid
Man I go to work on the beat, call it employed
And I kicks it, bitch, get your shinguards” -Lil Wayne

..... courtesy of On 221 Street Blog

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Download Lil Wayne - Swagg Surfin

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