The Xmas Spirit

merry christmas bloggees and bloggettes. hope yall had ate goodm spent time with the loved ones and recieved the gifts yall want. i didnt receive much mainly cause the bday is coming up real soon like in two weeks so i definetly going to splurge and party hard.


im preparing for this weekend and and next wtuesday night, where i will be drinking heavenily and hope to get some cutty lmao. yall remember the movie ATL, it was on BET last night.

my where abouts for friday, saturday and tuesday...

well catch me at the icon partying to tcb on friday night. definetly be in that picture booth alot with fellas and the sexy ladies. so me there and on saturday...

well you know i stay in love night club right after im off the clock at the club i will be partying and drinking my ass off, poppin bottles as always.

then on tuesday well the TBA folks...

well thats my rundown people hope i see you there and if you do see me make sure you say wassup.


Gorilla Zoe - Lost Official Video

finally there is a video release to this song. this was one of my favorite songs in the summer time and will get plenty of playback when zoe's second album "dont feed the animal" comes out next year. check out this hot joint and give me some feedback.


Marbury... Enough Said.

i sure wish i was this dude above. its crazy how he is getting paid to not even show up to the organization door step. this dude was toold by the knicks to saty away from them and what he do? this dude flies his way out to los angeles to the knicks and lakers and buys his own tickets, and sits courtside watching the game talking on his cell phone. some might say that ignorant and some say thats swagg, call it what you want, but this dude just made 20 million dollars in one year, the easiest way possible.

and wahst up with that tattoo. worse idea ever!

Remember This?

one night i was in the house surprisingly and was watching one fo the funniest shows on adult swim which is on cartoon network on late nights. no not family or the boondocks, but robot chicken. the show is too funny especially if your are intoxicated or high lol. i had a chance to watch this episode that brought back memories of the first playstation when it showed a clip of parappa the rapper, remember that guy? the dog that would ryhme with the green dude that would qoute, "kick push its all in your mind..." lmao well heres a clip of the joint that had me laughing that night for a long as time.

Grand Theft Store

this is crazy i never seen a robbery this insane. like what the fuck, the clerk couldnt do shit and ceck out how the dudes stole the whole rack of snacks and the other dude go behind the desk. this had to be one of those high school pranks that would be on mtv. this is a classic for me right here!

Verizon Customers Be Grateful...

check out the new samsung omnia phone. its a good look for verizon users and pocket pc lovers. with this and the htc touch pro coming out, verizon customers will have a good holiday season.

i like how they have a drag and drop feature. the video below gives you a full list of features and if your use to the hacking tools given out on the web just know your pro or omnia will be spazzed out.

p.s. shout out to boooogie whose been waiting for a new verizon phone to upgrade too.


The McDouble?

is mcdonalds going broke too? like peope loved the double cheeseburger for only a dollar, now the franchise wanna add on a damn .19 cents for a slice of cheese; two double cheeseburgers is like 2.65 instead of 2.05 now... the econmy is all messed up right now if Mcdonalds alter their dollar menu for a damn slice of cheese lol


Kanye West - Eat Shit & Die

lmao to kanye. wow!

Baton Rape... Wow!!!!

if things could get any worst with the police. you usually see people getting beaten with the baton, but not raped. thats crazy! that sick and homo to the fullest. how can they see that amusing.