Air Jordan XII "Flu Game" Edition

Remember back in 97 when MJ had the flu and managed to score 38 points still. If you remember that game then you should remember the kicks he wore, the XIIs! These babies are back out on November 27th for $150, but with a different look and material than the OGs and the retros that were released back in 04. Check out the pics to see the difference and the add-ons.

Ludacris - How Low

One of the most under rated rappers alive Ludacris is back with his first single off his new album 'Battle of the Sexes", that was going to be an album collabo with him ans Shawnna, but she is no longer with DTP for some reason. Some of you should be familiar oof the song because Ludacris performed this song at the BET Hip Hop Awards. The song sounds way better in CD quality so make sure yall take a listen I am more than sure you will like this song.

Download Ludacris - How Low

Beanie Sigel Disses Jay-Z

I guess Beans was holding back a lot because he sure went kind of  emotional in this diss track to Jigga called "Average Cat". Make sure you listen to the end of the song when Beanie starts to talk and you will get the situation.

Download Beanie Sigel - Average Cat

Empire State of Mind Live At The World Series

Jigga was on tour and was set to perform in Ohio the same night as Game 1 of the World Series so him and Alicia Keys settled to perform arguably the best New York City anthem of all the time "Empire State of Mind". Here is the LIVE performance from Yankee Stadium Game 2 of the World Series.


Suleika... I am In Love!!!

Nahh I'm not really in love, but she sure is BAD!!! Whew she kind of old new though because she was one of Big Tigger's Kittens during the summer. Just take a look at the  27 year old dominican hunnie from Burtonsville, Maryland (that's Mo County/ Pg County  border for those who don't know their DMV geography).

J. Cole - Unabomber

ROC Nations first signee J. Cole gives us some new music as he tells his fans "Don't worry I'm just venting" and its cool everyone does it... so lets listen it to see what he has to talk about...

Download J. Cole - Unabomber

Basement Jaxx feat. Lightspeed Champion – My Turn Video

I like to thank my boy Modi from DC to BC for putting me on to some good music all the time especially with the Basement Jaxx. Unfamiliar with them? Well I'll give you a lil taste of their musical abilities for the electronic/dance/alternative type music lovers with this new video off their recent album that was released earlier this month called "Scars". Duo Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe from the UK known as Basemnt Jaxx release a new video for their track "My Turn", it features British composer/songwriter Dev “Lightspeed Champion” Hyne. So if you like it download the track below as well another song I delivered to yall that features Kelis, Meleka, and Chipmunkcalled "Scars".

Download Basment Jaxx - My Turn ft. Lightspeed Champion

Download  Basment Jaxx - Scars ft.Meleka, Kelis, Chipmunk

DJ Whoo Kid x DJ Scream x Lil Boosie - Thug Passion

Whoo Kid and Scream team up with Boosie for this new mixtape... unheard of right? Whoo Kid was a mixtape DJ for 50 Cent and Scream usually does Gucci Mane so what made them do a collabo with Lil Boosie? Who knows, but its a good mixtape so check it out cause yall know how Boosie's music does some crankage!

Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

Download DJ Whoo KID X DJ Scream x Lil Boosie - Thug Passion Mixtape

Halloween 09...

So Halloween is this Saturday and just like any other year I have no idea what I am going to be... and just like those past years I wasn't anything, but myself. I was thinking about dressing up as Ash Katchum from Pokemon... yall remember Ash!

So yea what you think? Different right? Well the only reason I thought about it because I found my old Pokemon cards the other day... Yesssss I was a geek a very cool geek at that! And it just gave me an idea to do that if I ever decide to dress up which I highly doubt.


For this weekend I know there is a lot of festivities going on and they start today. A lot of people from the DMV are probably heading toward NC A&T as of  right now as they prepare to rock to the Bounce Beat Kingz aka TCB for their Homecoming tonight. Then Friday its always a solo dolo mission for dudes if anything else fails for them or to go to the city night clubs by default or even just chill with the homies or gals. Then Saturday... Halloween... Georgetown is a LIVE spot to go to at night as people show off their cool costumes, then  the Ques of UMD are throwing a party which i think tickets are scarce at this point, but people who didn\'t make that purchase still manage to get in somehow someway idk, then you can always go to the biggest and best club in the area... LOVE Night Club (cheers) lol who has Jeremih performing. That should be ok i guess I think people are tired of the club due to the nonsense that had happen last week thanks to Trey Songz. If you do go to LOVE remember that people that wear a costume are free til 10:30 and a contest is going on for the best costume as well. And my plans for Friday are unknown... nothing usual though so yall should hit me up with any plans of fun, but Saturday I'm going to celebrate about 6 birthdays so I have to plan this night the best way possible.

So w hat areyour plans for this Halloween? Are you dressing up as? Are you going trick or treatin? Or are you going to be reckless and egg cars and homes? lol Well what ever you are doing I hope your safe! I post pictures and videos of my fun over the weekend once it past so I can share the memorable moments with yall.

Peace Young World!

On Set of Clipse ft Cam’ron - Popular Demand

Well yall heard the song and now yall have the a video coming at yall way as well. Check the behind the scenes footage of the video shoot.

DJ Khaled - Fed Up ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake & Usher

So Khaled's new album Victory I know isn;t any surprise to yall since he has been screamin that damn slogan everytime he is on camera. And his new album will be no different as he always has an all-star cast to features on his songs especially this one that features Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross and Drake, so you know this is something special.

Download DJ Khaled - Fed Up ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Usher & Drake

WTF More New Lupe!!!

Your probably wondering why so much new Lupe Fiasco music is coming out aren't ya? Well thank MTV, remember the "Hottest MCs List"? Lupe's name was no where to be found and honestly it should of been, but the list is a bunch of bull and is base over politics because the list should be based on who is hottest not at the moment, but period or who it should be a ranking to me... ANWAYS to the new music.

Once again Lupe is giving us a new freestyle and this time it is over the new Timbaland single "Say Something" and once again he never fails to keep us even more anticipated for the L.A.S.E.R.S. album release. Enjoy!

Donwload  Lupe Fiasco - Say Something Freestyle

Hi I'm Paul Milsap And Carmelo Anthony Bitched Me

So besides Tywon Lawson, the rookie draft pick having a monster first game with 17 pts, 6 ast, and 3stls, a win at home against the Utah Jazz on opening night, Carmelo Anthony could not find a better way to score his thirtieth point like this...

MY GOD!!! That was disrespectful, ignorant, and brutal all in one play. I hope I see more Melo plays like this.


Mick Boogie & Idle Warship – Party Robot Mixtape

Mick Boogie hooks up with Idle Warship for his latest mixtape called "Party Robot". For those that like the organic sound in music, than this is your mixtape to download...

Download Mick Boogie x Idle Warship - Part Robots Mixtape

Gucci Mane - Guccitendo Mixtape

Talk about a grind, Gucci Mane has released about 5 brand new mixtapes in the past 3 weeks, all good ones with the least to say... the lastest one is Guccitendo, the mixtape we all been waiting for since he has been released from prison.  The mixtape even features his new single that getting mainstream attention featuring Usher called "Spotlight". If you haven't heard it then give it a listen and also download the mixtape. Its not like all the other mixtapes he downloaded, but its somethin...

Download Gucci Mane - Guccitendo

No Ceilings Mixtape by Lil Wayne

No Ceilings Mixtape was a highly anticipated mixtape and I had to deliver it to yall before majority of the blogs did before 8 AM. Now people were saying that it will be as good as the Dedication 1, 2 and the Drought 3. After listening to it, I honestly think it is better than all 3... The main reason I say this is because after listening to this mixtape I became a Lil Wayne fan once more. Just listen and tell me your thoughts because if not better its one of the best!

Download Lil Wayne - No Ceilings Mixtape

Download Mixtape Free | LiveMixtapes.com Mixtape Player

Agent Zero is Back!

I didn't get a chance to see much of the Wizards and Mavericks game last night, but I saw enough to know that Gilbert Arenas is back to old form. This is great for people living in the Washington Metropolitan area because now we have a reason the see a Wizards game and not a Redskins game sorry to say. Check the highlights of opening night as Mr. Hibachi drops off 29 points, Dirk gives out a nifty 34 and out of nowhere Andray Blatche scores 20 points... hold up did I just say Andray Blatche, yes Andray Blatche. I thought TNT must of mistaken names, but they didn't. The high school drafted player finally doing some good or was this a fluke, but he had legit buckets... let's see how this season will go for the fella before we say more...

2009 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Black Thought from the Roots, Mos Def, and Eminem went in on this cypher for the 09 Hip Hop Awards and arguably is the best cypher since the award show has been alive.


Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle

You want to know why he is my favorite rapper of all time? Just listen to this...

Download Lupe Fiasco - All The Way Turnt Up Freestyle

Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya ft. Swizz Beats & Lil Wayne

Check out the dance moves by ya boy... The video is dope with cool graphics and effects, what a great way for a come back for Chris, but he still will be recognized as a woman-beater. To be honest I don't even like the song, the video just makes me it better to me. Enjoy though!

Twitter Talk with Wae, Joe Buddens, and Nicki Minaj

Please watch this video especially if you do not like or like Nicki Minaj. On the low Wale went on her and was on the money with it. He couldn't be any precised about how girls act because of Nicki, it made me an even bigger Wale fan cause of it. Check out Nicki's ass thought, I don't think its as fake as I was told to be, but yea check it out.

Nike Air Max 1 x Patta

This is Nike has been exciting and I am pretty sure other with the re-release of the Air Max 1s. I got me a few pair that I didn't get a chance to get back in the 90s. Check these collabo AM1s withe Patta... I am definitely feeling these pair mianly because the green sets the shoe off. I know a lot of sneaker heads will be awaiting the arrival of these in their ocal sneaker boutiques like me.


More New Wale Featuring John Mayer

New Wale has been brought to us and it is not going to be on his debut album "Attention Deficit". This is nice track he has with John  Mayer called "Letter" and its mainly about our prez Obama and the late Tupac. So yall take a listen.

Download Wale - Letter ft. John Mayer

Maestro Knows NYC Edition Is Here!

Yes he is back... the coolest video blogger brings us a new video in the NYC and with his boy Nigel Sylvester.  Maestro takes us to on a tour to the Brooklyn Banks via skateboard and bike, then to the store Format located in Queens, and then to Five Guys. Check out the NYC BMX boys show off their freestyle street tricks.

Maestro Knows - NYC Edition (Nigel Sylvester) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.


Hi I'm William Gay and Adrian Peterson Bitched Me

I'm speechless...


Supreme Book Vol. 5

A quick preview into the soon to be  released Supreme Book Vol. 5. Check out what the magazina / catalog has blessed us with in the Fall/ Winter Edition. Available in-store and online October 29th and in Japan on October 26th.


Lil Wayne - Run This Town & More

This is the only Lil Wayne I am accustomed to just raw freestyles like the Dedication 1 and 2 and the Drought... you catch my drift. He kills the track though and i see the "No Ceilings" mixtape might be his best since the Dedication 1 an 2... lets hope so cause this might be his last mixtape for a year after pleading guilty to a weapons charge and might serve more time due to a drup possession charge he has in Arizona.

Its funny to me that Lil Wayne is going to jail and he said this line in one of his raps
"i rather be in the ground pushin flowers than in the pin sharin showers..."

Now Listen!

Download Lil Wayne - Run This Town

Here is what he says in the song if you had to keep rewinding the track...

“We are, so ready for thee war
C-A-R-T-E-R, put the beat in E.R.
I’m colder than B-R, add another three R’s
Watch me like DVD, VCR
Pump to your chest, I ain’t talkin’ CPR
Ridin’ this track like a mother fuckin’ street car
New Orleans Coronor, his name is Frank Minior
Fuck with me wrong, you’ll be waking up in his yard
Man, I go crazy on the beat, I go nimrod
Man, I act an ass, treat the beat like a hemorrhoid
Man I go to work on the beat, call it employed
And I kicks it, bitch, get your shinguards” -Lil Wayne

..... courtesy of On 221 Street Blog

Want more Weezy freestyles... check out the "Swag Surfin" also...

Download Lil Wayne - Swagg Surfin

Clipse - Back By Popular Demand ft. Pharrell & Cam'ron

So finally a Killa Cam and Neptunes track has emerged with the Clipse. Good song and just adds more hype to the VA duos high anticipated third album "Til The Casket Drops" that is set to come out in November... so yall take a listen tell em what you think.

Download Clipse - Back By Popular Demand ft Pharrell & Cam'ron


Nike Dunk Low SB Samples "Chirping Bird"

Looks like the team at the Nike Skateboarding might be coming back to their old ways again. Me and other SB fans from around the globe all agree that most recent dunks that have been released haven't been up to par, but I see the creativity is coming back now or might be just this shoe. Either way I am feeling this sample so far as it is black denim until you hit the sole with a white mid and a red bottom with a black patent leather swoosh logo. Here's the catch though, the fat tongue on the dunk lows are still intact! And the tongue on this shoe brings a surprise. When you push on the tongue its make a bird chirping sound, yea that's right a bird chirp lol... should be called the "Twitter Dunk" to me... I know lame, but who cares! Check out the video if you don't believe me and more pictures below too.



Howard Homecoming 2009

Each and every year around this time for the past 4 years I have been getting down with the Homecoming festivities for Howard University. Catch me out on the yard and Georgia Ave this Friday and Saturday as I will be living it up with my squadron Plain Pat, Boooogie, and TJ. And many feature guest should make their way in our path of takeover. I'm all about fun and this weekend should be no different. Yard Fest is Friday and many people should be there, so you know I have to get some fresh gear and jokes ready as we will be filming for Pat's World, Boooogie Domination and my videos which i haven't posted yet due to technical difficulties. If you haven't seen their video then be lucky to witness and see how fun and hilarious they are. When you finish looking at them just imagine the magnitude of fun we will gain once we step foot on Howard University Campus.

Pat's World Vol 1 -  VCU

Pat's World Vol 2 - Morgan State

Pat's World Vol 3 - Penn State

BoooogieTV World Domination - VCU

Part 1
BoooogieTV Global Domination Day1 from Ace Boooogie on Vimeo.

Part 2

So yall can see from the videos how they act... now for those who know me and know how I act in public just add me in to the mix and its mayhem. Just be on the look out for us and shout out the blog when you do. 

Maestro Knows NYC Edition

Maestro ends season 2 with a spectacular and influential finish in Japan. He gives a a little video before he heads to the Big Apple to let his fans know he has somethin special coming up for us. Check it out!

Maestro Knows - Announcement (NYC Edition) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

C'mon Son Pt. 6

Ed Lover is back again with his Youtube video series "C'mon Son". Ed does this to keep people current with the latest news in the humorous way we all are growing to love. Check this new video as Akon, Wycle, Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, Rick Ross, Birdman, and Balloon Boy are his targets! And the funniest part is towards the end of the video at 4:38 when he goes on the owner on Cmonson.com.


Trap Or Die 2!!!

Jeezy is back and this is clearly a trunk banger song. Trap or Die 2 is certainly a great way to present Thug Motivation 103 to the world, Jeezy. I think from this song he is bringing back the same style of rap and intensity he had in his first album Thug Motivation 101 which is my favorite Jeezy album.

Download Young Jeezy - Trap or Die 2

Doesn't the beat remind you of an old Gucci Mane beat... you know the old Zaytoven productions.


Magnum Dollars - The Cave Vol. 1 Mixtape

My boy from around the way Magnum Dollars who is unsigned hype is back at the music production with another mixtape called The Cave Vol.1. Yall have to give him a listen and not because I know him personally but i have a good ear for good music and I know what he stands for when he raps. He is not your average rapper that tries to talk about the money or jewelry and such in his lyrics, but he gives messages and and real life situations and more. So I am going to deliver yall a listen and a download of the mixtape right here and right now. So let me know you think of him!

<a href="http://magnumdollars.bandcamp.com/track/devil-in-a-dress">Devil In A Dress by Magnum Dollar$</a>

Download -  Magnum Dollars - The Cave Vol 1

Make sure yall show Magnum Dollars some love on the Twitter Game as well at Magnum Dollars Twitter and at his blog for more featured music at Magnum Dollars Blog

UNDFTD Sweatshirt Needed!

I am a big sweatshirt fan especially street wear brands such as UNDFTD. So why not try and get this one cause I know the average Joe isn't going to have this in their arsenal of apparel...


We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze

Check out this short film Kanye stars in and is directed by Spike Jonze. Lets see if you can depict the story.

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze from Yooj‽ - Recording Live From No on Vimeo.


Most Recent Wale Tracks

In the past few weeks Wale tracks have been leaked and these 2 tracks are high caliber tracks that is just creating hype for the DMV MC debut album "Attention Deficit". I love the "Contemplate" song featuring Rihanna. His other song features Pharrell and is called "Inhibitions". You can listen and download both tracks below.

Download - Wale - Contemplate ft. Rihanna

Download - Wale - Inhibitions ft Pharrell

Trampoline Master

Check these dudes out...

Mayer Hawthorne - Green Eyed Love

If your new to Mr. Hawthorne's music then hopefully this will get you to lovin it. This is the new video from off his latest album "The Strange Arrangement" called "Green Eyed Love".


New N.E.R.D. ft Santigold - Soldier

Yep its finally released for CD quality... the song we all heard at the MTV Spring Break concert. Lets just press play!

Download N.E.R.D. - Soldier ft. Santigold


Nano-Universe x Penfield Vest

The folks at Nano-Universe collab with Penfield with some nice vest that I consider purchasing. Penfield is known for their fall/ winter line, making dope vests and jackets. I have a lot of kicks I wear with either vest so let me make some early closet space.

Finally some photos from the Pastelle line by Kanye West has emerged to the scene. The are a few photos from the look book catalog. As you can see from the photo above the jacket that is being worn we all have seen before by he Kanye West during a concert peformance. Check out more photos below.

The Glow In The Dark Tour Book

I'm not into books but I've been reading here and there and probably start my collection pretty soon... as soon this Kanye West book is released. Yea that is right The Glow In The Dark Tour book is set to released this month! 288 pages of insight of Kanye's tour around the globe with exciting photos and dialogue. This will be something worth buying.