Craziest Game Ever!

there is a game in japan where you follow women around stalking, raping and killing them... enough said.


Wanna Bet?

no not on who will when the ncaa tournament or the nba finals but on the future of chris brown...

as i was doing my weekly marketing current event at school today i stumbled upon a article about the chris browna and rihanna fiasco. but this one was different from all the other article i saw. on bookmaker.com, you can place a bet on chris breezy's future. either he goes to jail or not and if he does go to jail whats his sentence. that is crazy!!! i would never think people would bet their wages on future of a r&b singer. like really betting if the dude goes to jail though, wow people are bored these days...


Remember This?

remember this show? its the old 90s show dinosaurs. it had to be part of your saturday morning line up when you were a kid. it was mines; i use to love this show.

look for more of the retro tv shows to be updated on here every week as part as my "Remember This" section. ill put up old tv shows and music videos and toys that we all used to love and we all can reminiscence about now.

Welcome To Heartbreak - Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi

now this might be an early pick for video of the year if it ever hits the tv screen, but porbably not so well have to wait for the "amazing" track with jeezy to come out. big up the k. west cause this video is as different as it can get. check it out!

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.


Did You Know?

check this video out. this is one of the most informative videos that i have witness. i was fascinated by it and i hope you will too. enjoy.

This Shit Grinds My Gears

this week of grind my gears is something for the people around the dmv. everyone around the metropolitan area know about mumbo sauce and if you dont then kill yourself! literally! anyways well tell me this why eveery carryout got different mumbo sauce? why cant it just be one kind? its 5 carryouts in a 1 mile radius in my area and all of em have a different type of mumbo sauce.

so at china fong lol they got a thick tomato red mumbo sauce that looks like blood. then at eastern carryout they got this orange watery ass mumbo that seepes through the take out box. danny's mumbo sauce buys their mumbo sauce from murrays. and then i dont even think hunan garden has mumbo sauce to be honest...

but foreal whats up with this tho... yall need to to have a carryout conference and get to the bottom of this. yall havin all these different types of mumbo sauce is fuckin up my taste buds lol.

thats not the only problem with these carryouts neither...

1. yall always scared to come out the car when yall deliver. yall the ones are delivering so knock on the damn door dont call me its delivery not pick up!

2. why i order five wings and fries with a blue berry mystic and yall charge me $9.40... no way in hell its cost that much.

3. why every carryout has different size of wings. why cant they all be the same size?

4. yall need to sell arizona in that joint too! watermelon, fruit punch, kiwi strawberry, half and half, and raspberry tea (fuck that nasty ass home made ice tea).

5. why yall napkins be so thin i gotta use like seven napkins just to wipe my hands off.

yea as much as i love eating at carryouts yall still grind the fuck out of my gears though!!!


Chris Brown On The Tyra Banks Show


Lil Wayne on PTI

i know yall seen some of lil wayne of the espn network lately, didnt know he was going to be on my favorite show oon espn "around the horn". you the show where they get 4 sports analyst around the counrty and they give their opinions and facts on the top sports headlines. yea that show. check out weezy on the joint and listen to his comment about LT aka lawrence taylor aka little tinker-toes lol.

Best of the Worst of George Bush

barack obama is a great communicator, but was our last president? hell no, just look at this video from the david letterman show. this is too funny to many, the dude bush makes me think anybody can be a good public speaker, just watch and enjoy!


The Cat vs The Dog

this is crazy watchin this cat throwin jabs at this dog. looks like a lil boxing match. i dont think cats were ever scared of dogs really just watch.

null - Watch more free videos


yea ok boooogie got the old back pack (which is tight as hell to me), but im going have to get the new one. yikesss! you see this shit!

Griffeys In Blue

wtf... nike is doing some serious business this year. these are probably the best spring time shoes to come out in years. if you dont get these then you must be a conventional nike boot wearing ass person!


Lil Wayne ft. Pharrell - Ay Man

below is the third weezy and skateboard p collabo and to me is the best one thus far. other two are nonexistence to me, but check out pharrell and his old skool juvenile type flow in the opening verse. then wayne gets on the next to hit some pretty impressive lines that reminds me of the old wayne and not the new wayne with the audiotone and rock n roll egos. listen to the single and tell me what you think of it.

metatron aka ayo double!

Ay Man feat. Pharrell (Neptunes) - Lil Wayne (feat. Pharrell)


This Shit Grinds My Gears...

you know what grinds my gears, well people... cab drivers. yes i said it fuckin cab drivers! random and weird i know what think, but these are the most ignorant drivers in america, especially around my way these dudes think they own the streets and they drive the worse though. their the main ones honking their horns at you, cutting you off, want to drive slow as hell in front of you, and they almost getting you into an accident. when they drive they act like they dont know where they are going and they're cab drivers, your suppose to know where your going, whats the point of being a cab driver if you dont know where to or even operate the most simplest gps system. they always want a damn calling card also, swindling ass people i swear. and you know what kills me is when a cab driver drives past you and they stare your ass down for a good minute, like damn can i have my face back shit! that grinds the fuck out my gears!

My Next Accessory Purchase Will Be

yea this baby will be on my wrist once my funds re cooperate after paying for school this semester. the teal one is on point and the white face with the black band is just unbelievable. ill be looking on the major blog for these arrivals!

New Fan of Chester French After This... Enjoy

chester french presents their latest video "she loves everybody"


Spring 09 Kicks - Griffeys

top 10 favorite kicks! all drools!


the day awaits...

R Les For Prez

check out the dude ryan leslie's album, its hot songs 1 through 12. just listen straight through it and no disappointment. its getting plenty of rotation on my htc touch pro music player (yes its my cell phone). here is a song from the album that you probably havent heard yet that your going to like, just listen to the page song.

if you want to download the album just go here and give your feedback.