Can You Dig The Air Digs?

i kind of like em. what you think?

Amazing Video


Maestro Ep 5

yea he's back every monday folks... same dude, new story. this time its with the boy dom kennedy. pretty good episode cause i just became a new fan... so for those who been listening to dom through a few facts out there for me so i can get acquainted. check the video out and listen to the tracks its hot...

Maestro Knows - Episode 5 (Dom Kennedy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Still Lookin - Dom Kennedy

Gucci Bandana Video

have you ever notice that gucci never moves his lips...

LeBron James - More Than A Game Movie Trailer

sooner or later you knew this was going to be made. i see this killin box offices around the world, its lebron james come on. i like this tho i see it being better than that movie from the 80s... i cant put my finger on that name but it'll come to mind soon. ill be seeing this on opening day just because i love the game and not lebron


Where's The "O"?

i they are the worst team in baseball, but damn you live for this embarrassment too? sheesh


Maestro Knows Ep 4

maestros's back with another nepisode from the cali streets with his main man mj. check it out...

Maestro Knows - Episode 4 (Estevan Oriol) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.



got to get these for the summer, when i usually hit the track to stay in shape because of my heavy drinking and late night food runs. me and ball player of friends workout everyday in the summer especially in running so might as well get laced up with these babies.


The Flying Karate Kick

lady is caught on tape beating other people's kids and well you know the rest... look for the flying kick its sweet, reminds me of a video game or something lls...

Coolest Cop Ever...

we need more cops like him in streets. dude was scared to death chewin the chit out of that nic bag (probably was a dime tho), sweating to hard, and all. the cop was just chillin and let him go. wont find those type of guys in pg county...

Kid Cudi On Da Spot Freestyle

listen to the kid get his flow on...


Buggin Out From 91 to 09

Buggin Out 09 - Consequence feat. KiD CuDi

buggin out 09 is the remake of the the classic buggin out track from a tribe called quest. i value this song mainly cause music was real back then and im really pickin up on my 90s music right now. consequence and kid cudi lay down their verses on here and they are not bad... the tribe shouldnt complain.

the only thing about the video is that they are really buggin out... check their eyes out. creepy i know...

listen to the original buggin out record below. any real music fan should like this joint.

Buggin Out - A Tribe Called Quest

Maestro Knows Ep 3

the boy maestro is back with a new episode. he brings along a pretty cool dude name Curt@!n$. they hit up the nike id studios and make some cool kicks; especially Curt@!n$'s AF1s. a guest star makes an appearance by the name of Chi Mcbride; yall should know him by face and his long list of camera works. he was the father of bow wow in roll bounce, one of the guys in gone in 60 seconds and the principal on the tv show boston public. check him out though as he schools the boys on the yeezys. dude knows a lot about his kicks, i had no idea he could be a sneaker head. check the video out and enjoy...

Maestro Knows - Episode 3 (Curt@!n$) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Nike's Fall/ Winter 09 Line Up

when i first saw the line up for the fall and winter i wasnt really stoked about a few shoes... then again these are not SBs they are showing also, but check out what they have in store for us. there seems to be a lot of blazers to hit shelves, but check out the KGs in the second... definitely looking out those babies. the dmv should show love to the nike boots and goadomes that are also hitting stores.

so what will you be getting out of this collection?


Kid Cudi ft Kanye West A-Trak, & Common - I Poke Her Face

you should enjoy this one by cudi. a-trak whoever that is sound good on the hook and kanye just killed it on the second verse to me. many people really just know him from his single that just hit the public but has been out for more than a year now. cudi can do his thing and hes better than drake to me cause drake can only talk about money and girls. but cudi he can rap about anything like kanye or common. thats why they are who they with. think about it... listen to this jam and it should be load on your mp3 player shortly.

I Poke Her Face - KiD CuDi feat. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga

Young Money -Every Girl Video

i never really liked this song mainly cause i dont even like everyone in the group including wayne; he rapidly faded from my top artist ever since he did the audiotone, but i posted the video cause the song is still hot and it hasnt hit the tube yet.

one thing though. for them to be called young money, this video was pretty crappy. i can tell that it wasnt much budget, effort, not creativity for this... enjoy!


More Half Cents

the blue and balck half cents were crazy when they came out in february. now slated to come out in the fall the two colorways you see are going to make an impact again in the dmv. the lime and balck ones are great but the silver and black are just incredible. i will definetly wear those more than my blue ones. take your pic...