Halloween 09...

So Halloween is this Saturday and just like any other year I have no idea what I am going to be... and just like those past years I wasn't anything, but myself. I was thinking about dressing up as Ash Katchum from Pokemon... yall remember Ash!

So yea what you think? Different right? Well the only reason I thought about it because I found my old Pokemon cards the other day... Yesssss I was a geek a very cool geek at that! And it just gave me an idea to do that if I ever decide to dress up which I highly doubt.


For this weekend I know there is a lot of festivities going on and they start today. A lot of people from the DMV are probably heading toward NC A&T as of  right now as they prepare to rock to the Bounce Beat Kingz aka TCB for their Homecoming tonight. Then Friday its always a solo dolo mission for dudes if anything else fails for them or to go to the city night clubs by default or even just chill with the homies or gals. Then Saturday... Halloween... Georgetown is a LIVE spot to go to at night as people show off their cool costumes, then  the Ques of UMD are throwing a party which i think tickets are scarce at this point, but people who didn\'t make that purchase still manage to get in somehow someway idk, then you can always go to the biggest and best club in the area... LOVE Night Club (cheers) lol who has Jeremih performing. That should be ok i guess I think people are tired of the club due to the nonsense that had happen last week thanks to Trey Songz. If you do go to LOVE remember that people that wear a costume are free til 10:30 and a contest is going on for the best costume as well. And my plans for Friday are unknown... nothing usual though so yall should hit me up with any plans of fun, but Saturday I'm going to celebrate about 6 birthdays so I have to plan this night the best way possible.

So w hat areyour plans for this Halloween? Are you dressing up as? Are you going trick or treatin? Or are you going to be reckless and egg cars and homes? lol Well what ever you are doing I hope your safe! I post pictures and videos of my fun over the weekend once it past so I can share the memorable moments with yall.

Peace Young World!

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