Gorillaz - Stylo Ft. Mos Def & Bobby Womack

The Gorillaz are back finally!!!!! After spending the last few years hiding under a rock they have released their first single "Stylo" that features Bobby Womack and Mos Def, off their third album set to be released later in the year titled PlasticBeach. The most eccentric group known to music still got it I see, this song is great!

My Twin...

I have to be as random and weird as this guy right here...

Just take a look at what I mean...

This dude Brak is a FOOL!!!!!


Dumbass DeMarcus Cousins...

This is why I never took a charge in AAU and in high school...

This was a sick dunk as well... cant wait til the NCAA Dunk Contest comes on cause Stanley Robinson is a senior and has too much bounce!


Upcoming 2010 Kicks!

The sneakers that were released in 2009 were epic. With the Half Cents, Eggplant Foams, Jammies, Yeezys, Griffeys, 12s, 95s and AM1s being released I just wonder what 2010 has in stored? Yall think it can top 09? So far these are being released...

What you think will be the kicks of 2010? Its still early so more are to come such as, but they are looking good...


The Hundreds "The Best and The Worst" In the Past Decade

Bobby, Ben and the rest of crew at The Hundreds compiles a chart of the best and the worst from the past decade and predicts the fads for 2010 and beyond. You guys take a look and let me know if you agree. If you are familiar with The Hundreds then you will think a few things are bias but take a look!

Pat's World Vol. 6 Holiday Edition

This video gives you an idea of what happen during the winter break, but not even half of the nonsense that happen. I had so much fun hanging with my folks! Shout out to TJ, Plain Pat, Dun Done, Val, and Boooogie for the drunk fun on new years night! At the end Pat's father is too funny, thats how my father be saying sometimes... I might record him one of these days for yall. Check it out!


The Stiff Arm From Hell

Please let me know if Hiram Eugene has a contract after this play... Its not even cool how much h got punked on this play smh.


Wale - No Days Off

Wale is grindin out here... his worth ethic to get more fans is something what all artist need to do rather than going to the club all the time.

Episode 3

Wale - No Days Off Episode 3 from Christopher Hernandez on Vimeo.

Episode 4

Wale - No days Off Episode 4 from RealMangoJuice on Vimeo.


MVPuppets x Lupe Fiasco

Never expected Lupe to be on a Nike commercial, better yet on the MVPuppets one... this verse rocked! This is a great look for...

Here are the lyrics to Lupe's verse

b to the l-i-t-z
3 suckas plus 1 me equals to easy
believe me
the top of ur wish list better read the chance to beat me
cause you never go that and you never will
the thrill of victory is somthin that u never feel
somethin elves cant build
ugh shout out to the work shop
you can get the first second and the third shot
dont mean nothin when the rain get to jumpin
and the deer get to dunkin
see the fear and u frontin
santa lookin shook kobe lookin shook lebron lookin shook
i throw ya ball on the roof


Snowed In Weekend

See this is that bullshit...

I had a great weekend planned out too. Friday hang out with a few friends and get extremely drunk, then on Saturday hit a few malls and got to LOVE to see Wale, Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa perform, but naw it had to be a damn blizzard out here....

Just take a look.

Kirkin I know...

Even though with the roads being bad my ignorant ass got hungry and still managed to order food from the "China Fong". Their always opened... I even ordered food from them on Thanksgiving in 08. I ordered $17 worth a food. I know yall over their shaking you heads, I did too. I managed to eat all of this at once...

So what have I been doing since I'm in the house all day? Skyping the good ol friend D Riley, downloaded about 20-25 different albums, chillin to the my iTunes on shuffle mode, flippin back and forth through college basketball games and of course TWEETIN! So I think tonight will end up just a continuation of this afternoon, so I guess I'll just find ways to make the blog better...


Wale - Thank You Freestyle

I'm sleep for about a good two hours today, so when I decide to wake up I go check out what's happening on Tiwtter... and look what the boy Wale posts on my timeline...

Download Wale - Thank You Freestyle

Man he killin these songs right now and I'm loving the work ethic from the dude. Im just appreciate how he raps about sports, I think thats what seperates him from other rappers... especially with the Tiger Woods line he has on this song. A lil mad that the concert at LOVE Night Club featuring him, Wiz Khlaifia, and Curren$y was postponed due to the possible snow storm happening in the DMV tomorrow, I was really anxious to here some good music live for once.


The Roots - LNJF Sandwiches Mixtape

Give it up for The Roots who has made a mixtape compiled of songs played between segments on the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" show.  This might be the chillest piece of music I have on my iTunes right now.  Make sure you download this if feel the need to download some low key music like this!

Download The Roots - LNJF Sandwiches Mixtape

Nike SB Dunk Hight - Wool

These are cool, but Im not wearing a Cosby sweater with these. Expect me to have these on my feet... just wondering what the laces are looking like.


Wiz Khalifa x Wale x Curren$y Concert

I was notified about this performance a month in advanced and has been amped for this event ever since. As a big fan of Wiz and Wale for a while now and the mixtapes and albums are on constant rotation on iTunes. So you know I will be in attendance rapping word for word. This will be an epic night also because a lot of student come back home from school for winter break. So the attendance will be high and the night will be poppin! So come down to Okie St this Saturday night to witness a great night doors open at 9 and if you need a table hit me up @ 202-569-0222