Magnum Dollars - The Cave Vol. 1 Mixtape

My boy from around the way Magnum Dollars who is unsigned hype is back at the music production with another mixtape called The Cave Vol.1. Yall have to give him a listen and not because I know him personally but i have a good ear for good music and I know what he stands for when he raps. He is not your average rapper that tries to talk about the money or jewelry and such in his lyrics, but he gives messages and and real life situations and more. So I am going to deliver yall a listen and a download of the mixtape right here and right now. So let me know you think of him!

<a href="http://magnumdollars.bandcamp.com/track/devil-in-a-dress">Devil In A Dress by Magnum Dollar$</a>

Download -  Magnum Dollars - The Cave Vol 1

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