Basement Jaxx feat. Lightspeed Champion – My Turn Video

I like to thank my boy Modi from DC to BC for putting me on to some good music all the time especially with the Basement Jaxx. Unfamiliar with them? Well I'll give you a lil taste of their musical abilities for the electronic/dance/alternative type music lovers with this new video off their recent album that was released earlier this month called "Scars". Duo Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe from the UK known as Basemnt Jaxx release a new video for their track "My Turn", it features British composer/songwriter Dev “Lightspeed Champion” Hyne. So if you like it download the track below as well another song I delivered to yall that features Kelis, Meleka, and Chipmunkcalled "Scars".

Download Basment Jaxx - My Turn ft. Lightspeed Champion

Download  Basment Jaxx - Scars ft.Meleka, Kelis, Chipmunk

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