Speedy 3000!

109 in a 65... sheesh 3000

Maestro Knows Ep 2

i featured this guy maestros video a few posts ago with the yeezy update i became a fan of it. dude was testing out the yeezys for hooping conditions; i cant fake, the dude did his thing. here maestro is back with his boy mj and special guest anthony hamilton and they get it it around the LA streets. they get food and visit the ALIFE storem you know just havin a good day around town. they listen to a few tunes, crack a few jokes (jeezy joke is hilarious) and the boy hamilton even starts singing for us. check it out and tell me what you think of episode 2.

Maestro Knows - Episode 2 (Anthony Hamilton) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

New Colorways for the Griffeys

the fresh water griffeys were released this past week and the blue ones are slated to be released real soon. word is that two new colors are coming out; all black and a black, white, and red pair. im not a fan of a black shoe... to plain to me, i need color in my kicks (a reason why you never seem me where nike boots; i hate em), but the other pair i will definetly get my hands on including the fresh waters and the blue pair.

smooth arent they...


im pretty sure yall remember these babies when vince carter jumped over the 7'2 guy in the olympics as seen in the picture below.

yes the boings are making a come back and are available at the footlocker. i remember when everyone thought they could jump higher with them on or thought they had springs in em. remember the commercial for it too? well looky here...

reminds of the good ol days of vincanity and his superb dunking ability...


Sun Block Please!


Best 6 Rings Ever

best colorway of the 6 rings ever, point blank! as much as i didnt like the shoe, this pair will be the only reason i get the shoe. they are out now as we speak, but are quickstrikes...

N.E.R.D. x Santigold - Soldier (Live MTV Sprign Break)

first off i wish i was down there for spring break; but finally a new n*e*r*d* track and its on point. it features santigold, who i think will be the next t-pain in hooks. check out the group perform at the mtv spring break concert. looks like their having a lot of fun out here too. pharrell does some lil dance that is pretty cool also. and guess whose add thier abilities to the mic now?

the cd quality version awaits...


What The Hell Was Pharrell Doing?

was he drunk, high or just on complete lunch mode... you tell me.


Some Real Shit I Just Read...

i was reading the complex magazine Q & A with kanye west and he said the most realist shit in this article. i will use this quote from kanye for the rest of my life i swear, just check it out...

Speaking of public outbursts, why is it that you’ll flip on a journalist, like the dude from EW who shitted on the tour, but not another rapper that disses you?

Kanye West: Because I feel like I’m playing on the same intellectual level of a journalist and not of a rapper.

How so?

Kanye West: [Laughs.] I feel like if a rapper disses me, they’re just trying to get a rise out of me and get me to play in their field to find some way that they can beat me. I feel like there’s a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance. So why would I play a sport that I’m not particularly trying to get better at or beaten in? There’s a lot of rappers that can beat me in ignorance, but there’s only a few that can play with true intellect. [Long pause.] How fucking perfect is that fucking answer?!

Kanye x Complex x Nike Air Yeezy

when the newest issue of complex drop i will be picking it up. mark my word! after watching the video below i was fascinated by the creativity of engineers who developed the cover and the photos for the article on kanye. the issue's purpose was to showcase kanye's nike shoe the air yeezy, which are genreating so much hype right now. best believe i will have all three colorways.

when people work with kanye, i think they bring their best ability to him. kanye's concept in work ethic is so innovating that when you are working with him you become as innovative as him. i mean just look at the walking through the wall concept.cept, its genius. not only its creative, its just too cool.

here are the photos of the upcoming kicks by nike.

now check out the video of dude name maestro and his bo mj from cali who tests out his yeezys on the court. he takes numerous attempts to dunk em and he comes close in the bad boys. dude got hell of a 3 ball also and check out his hair when he took his hat off... im about to get mines like that.

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.



The Flying Car Has Arrived!

finally the future has arrived but its a lil crappy and bulky still but give it another decade and we'll have those hovering cars like off futurama or the jetsons...


C'monwealth Copped!

head gear always on point for me!


Kid Cudi To Retire?

why? why would he even say he going to retire after he releases his first album? i dont get it. he's good and is on the right track to have a good career, but i need to know why the hell he is going to do this. this is just crazy...

besides that check his latest video out called superboo... kind of what im looking for right now too. enjoy!

The Double K.O.!

just watch it... lmao

Video Provided by DatPiff.com

Hot Or Not?

take you picks on these hot items set to be release this year. im feeling the gucci sb highs and the bbc phone case, but mix feelings on the raging bull Vs... tell me what you think though folks.

Nike SB High Gucci Edition

BBC Phone Pouch

Air Jordan V Raging Bull Edition

Camrom - Got It For Cheap Video

camron is back im telling you and boy he is coming back with hits. check out his latest video.

Welcome Back Home Gucci!

over the weekend the mixtape trap music making phenom gucci mane was released from jail. finally i can get some zaytoven beats and trap lyrics back with a stupid crazy flow and outrageous ablibs... welcome home gucci!

gucci mane is back in the studio as well the same hour he is released from jail. the dmv's own mya is there too... writing on the wall guccitendo mixtape is beign released reall soon folks.

Video Provided by DatPiff.com

check out the pillz video too... kind of low budget but thats gucci mane for you. classic track from the ice attack mixtape.


New Colorway - Half Cents

my man irv will drool for these once he sees the blog tomorrow...


To Die For!

what will i be wearing all summer... well including my air max 95 chilis, it will be the team oranges, the neons and the fresh waters. mainly because these are my favorite nikes so you know i been waiting for these to be released again.

sick! enough said...

March Is A Brotherhood

nba players who didnt get a chance to play in the college ranks because they made that giant leap to the nba from high school show off their school spirits and gives their picks to win it all at this years final four.

the first video shows kevin garnett with his pick ucla who you may know has been to the final four 3 times in the last four years, but i doubt if they make it to the final four this year.

then next up is dwight howard who picks a sleeper team in kansas to win it again who has been a surprise team this year since loosing key players to last years championship team.

t-mac has lousiville to win it all and who has a very good chance at it. they should be a final four team with terrance williams and earl clark playin pretty good through out the tourney.

and then there is my man josh smith, who is one of my favorite players in the league who has pitt cutting down the nets this year and me too. especially with hometown favorite sam young beasting out with lavance fields, wannamaker, and dajuan blair down in the middle; who can stop pitt from winning it all. maybe the tarheels? that would be the dream matchup and to tell you the truth it might be. tywon and sam representing the state of martland would be a good look.

you saw the videos now you tell me who you think will win it all out of the whole college ranks?


John Witherspoon Goes On Falva Flav & New York

yall know john witherspoon aka pops from the wayans brothers. check out the video, he goes on new york and its hilarious!


Get Your iPhone Party Ep. 1

aiight i so impress by the 25 things i hate... video by julian smith, i decided to out his wedisode of "get your own iphone party" on the blog everytime its update. its cool and its something to watch on your spare time. is this guy cool or what... i might have to this for the touch pro and stuff.

The 25 Things I Hate About Facebook Video

this dude julian smith is a genius. this has to be the greatest video ive seen this year just because of the topic and its funny. and i kno that is aid a video from an earlier post was the best but this might be.

cehck out juliansmith.tv its cool as hell. the dude has a video for an ipod party... that would be swell really! but check out julian's video of his top 25 things he hate about facebook and enjoy!

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen

i never really apporve wayne doing a rock album and never really thought i was going to like the prom queen album, but after watchin the video im starting to like it. the concept is cool and we know wayne never completed high school or probably went to prom. the instrumental tho is on point. by the way who is he kissing at the end?

Soulja Boy Doin The Stanky Leg

soulja boy does the ridiculous stanky leg dance that i utterly hate. the song is so terrible to me, i cant knock the dudes hustle they gettin radio play and money off of it. siulja boy on the other hand must be bored if he does this. the funny thing is his leg looks like it stinks too; knee caps funky as shit lmao

Musiq - Sobeautiful

musiq always good music, but this is prolly my top 3 by him. im just mad its always played on the radio cause then i start not to like the song. i enjoy listening to the song, it makes me want to play it for my girl when i have one...