MVPuppets x Lupe Fiasco

Never expected Lupe to be on a Nike commercial, better yet on the MVPuppets one... this verse rocked! This is a great look for...

Here are the lyrics to Lupe's verse

b to the l-i-t-z
3 suckas plus 1 me equals to easy
believe me
the top of ur wish list better read the chance to beat me
cause you never go that and you never will
the thrill of victory is somthin that u never feel
somethin elves cant build
ugh shout out to the work shop
you can get the first second and the third shot
dont mean nothin when the rain get to jumpin
and the deer get to dunkin
see the fear and u frontin
santa lookin shook kobe lookin shook lebron lookin shook
i throw ya ball on the roof

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