Boredom... The Drug!

A lot of times on the weekdays, usually at night around 8 to 10:30-11 Eastern time not Pacific, I am at a state of mind where Im fed into boredom. Only thing that gets my full undivided attention is college basketball, my diverse iTunes collection kept on shuffle mode and maybe a few conversations via text or Skype.

Why am I so bored at this segment of life?... I have no idea.

I think its time for me to get a girlfriend or maybe its because Im not in school again til this January. I know the heavy work load will keep me occupied.

TV isn't the same with seldom shows that catch my interest such as "24" which doesn't air until January, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Entourage" season have been long gone for sometime, arguably I've seen every "Family Guy' episode there is. What is there to watch on TV within in the those hours of night?

This is how I look all the time. Head lodged into the computer screen, ear tuned into my iTunes on shuffle mode, and my thoughts are just as random as the weather right now.

Maybe I should start reading interesting articles and books? I think as I am getting older I need to start EXPANDING my horizons.

I need a cure for the so called drug called BOREDOM...

I know for a fact that the blog will be updated with more content thought... I want to make this much more diverse from music, art, news, sports, fashion, humor, and me! With that said... I will start this manifestation with the Long Live Cool blog as of now. Leaving my viewers with more entertainment and COOL!

Thank the boredom aka my drug!

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