Season Finale to Entourage

well even though the new season of "24" is segt to kick off just around the corner, one of my favorite shows has just ended with a season finale. "entourage" season 5 was a great one and i have to wait til next summer for the next season to begin.... (sigh)

if havent checked out entourage make sure you do.... had some cool cameos also. for those that saw the season finale episode. did anyone check out how tall micheal phelps (the olympic swimmer) was compared to e lls. looked like david and goliath lol. e bumped into his rib caged lol.

well so long hbo as you left me with nothing to watch on your network now that "the wire" will never air again and "entourage" has left me anticipated for next season to air.

p.s. check out http://www.dctobc.com the boy modi has the whole entourage season 5 avalable for download and viewing purposes high quality.

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