This Weekend..... Wow!!!!!

this weekend was just great for me havent had this must action in a while.... well, what did i do friday through sunday... let's see folks:

one night stand (really)
made money
ate some good ass seafood
got drunk as a b!tch
slept all sunday
got yelled at by my folks
got the felatio watch some football
............ and so for

may i want to ask that i took a new approach to blogging. you kno i check a lot of blogs out and wanted to see what mines was missing and i think i found it....

anyways i took some good photos at the club on sunday for my boys thomas and isaacs bday party... they had a ball and i did too ( i hope). i probably spent a good thousand dollars in the past three days, but oh well all i can do is sing one of my favorite songs right now, yo gotti and gucci mane - mo money. i fyou havent heard well here is your chance right now to hear it.....


well thats see what i did at the club on saturday..... in case you didnt know what club it is, its only love.... each and every saturday. and in case you didnt know also i work there so maybe you see me in there alot because of that reason.....

now for the pics.....

me, irv, and mike = elite 8 ent
check us out, bottle poppers
irv, mr romey rome and charlton
hot could we forget lloyd down there with the three
rose, nuvo..... i was drunk as shit...... still fresh though right?
me and karla before my departure that night
look at that crowd sheeesh!!!... glad i wasnt out there

me and the boy wayne....... were sponsored by Nuvo if you didnt know..... lls

me and irv again with rob diggs ?(gw foward) and his boy

kitrea... trynna look glam..... at least lls

as you can see the night was pretty extravagant for me ... wonder what you guys did. more pics will be up real soon from the night

sunday i didnt do much i just slept in the house til 3 and got some seafood from atlantic seafood. the meal was on point too!!! and just chilled for the rest of the day watching sme football games.
one including my patriots losing............ (sighhhh)
but thats how the weekend went and this tuesday ill be ready to vote........ Obama 08 People!!!!!!

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Boooogie. said...

kit was down georgetown wit us that day lls dre talk to dat joint lls