Why The Trade?

today im at about a little past noonish im sitting at the carolina kitchen at the blvd with my mans kal and cameron and i sit a a spot where i can look at the flatscreen with espn on it. so as i look at it, i saw a the right time cause the crap said allen iverson has been traded to the detriot pistons......... WTF!!!! i screamed. yes i did say it out loud too. so then i kept reading and it said he was traded for chauncey billups (noooooooooo!!!!!), antonio mcdyess and some random unfamilair salary waste of foregin center. all i asked is y? what is the logic behind this trade.

later today......

so i get on yahoo and they explained the whole purpose of the trade.... and they say,

they are getting lebron in 2010........... wow!!!!!! i can't wait for that day to happen.

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