Maestro Knows Ep 3

the boy maestro is back with a new episode. he brings along a pretty cool dude name Curt@!n$. they hit up the nike id studios and make some cool kicks; especially Curt@!n$'s AF1s. a guest star makes an appearance by the name of Chi Mcbride; yall should know him by face and his long list of camera works. he was the father of bow wow in roll bounce, one of the guys in gone in 60 seconds and the principal on the tv show boston public. check him out though as he schools the boys on the yeezys. dude knows a lot about his kicks, i had no idea he could be a sneaker head. check the video out and enjoy...

Maestro Knows - Episode 3 (Curt@!n$) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

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