Kid Cudi ft Kanye West A-Trak, & Common - I Poke Her Face

you should enjoy this one by cudi. a-trak whoever that is sound good on the hook and kanye just killed it on the second verse to me. many people really just know him from his single that just hit the public but has been out for more than a year now. cudi can do his thing and hes better than drake to me cause drake can only talk about money and girls. but cudi he can rap about anything like kanye or common. thats why they are who they with. think about it... listen to this jam and it should be load on your mp3 player shortly.

I Poke Her Face - KiD CuDi feat. Kanye West, Common, Lady Gaga

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WIllie P said...

a-trak kanyes dj also won the dmc world championship in like 04 or suntn idont remember sick dj... poke her face is a song by lady gaga sampled in this song.