This Shit Grinds My Gears

this week of grind my gears is something for the people around the dmv. everyone around the metropolitan area know about mumbo sauce and if you dont then kill yourself! literally! anyways well tell me this why eveery carryout got different mumbo sauce? why cant it just be one kind? its 5 carryouts in a 1 mile radius in my area and all of em have a different type of mumbo sauce.

so at china fong lol they got a thick tomato red mumbo sauce that looks like blood. then at eastern carryout they got this orange watery ass mumbo that seepes through the take out box. danny's mumbo sauce buys their mumbo sauce from murrays. and then i dont even think hunan garden has mumbo sauce to be honest...

but foreal whats up with this tho... yall need to to have a carryout conference and get to the bottom of this. yall havin all these different types of mumbo sauce is fuckin up my taste buds lol.

thats not the only problem with these carryouts neither...

1. yall always scared to come out the car when yall deliver. yall the ones are delivering so knock on the damn door dont call me its delivery not pick up!

2. why i order five wings and fries with a blue berry mystic and yall charge me $9.40... no way in hell its cost that much.

3. why every carryout has different size of wings. why cant they all be the same size?

4. yall need to sell arizona in that joint too! watermelon, fruit punch, kiwi strawberry, half and half, and raspberry tea (fuck that nasty ass home made ice tea).

5. why yall napkins be so thin i gotta use like seven napkins just to wipe my hands off.

yea as much as i love eating at carryouts yall still grind the fuck out of my gears though!!!

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