You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

rememeber on the episode of fmaily guy when peter got the job on the news about his pet peeves...

well heres mines this is 2 to 3 time post a week of my pet peeves called "This Shit Grinds My Gears!"

and to to start off...

this shit grinds my gears when your at the club and the niggas be trynna stunt in their gucci, louis, prada and etc. knowing its fake and we know damn well not even their folks can afford that shit. like come on, does it makes yall feel good to wear fake clothing, where is the essence in fashion then? its annoying to see half the niggas in the club with a gucci rag, the belt, the dumb ass belt, and a pair of shoes and the nigga dont even got a job! the shits a epidemic in the dmv all thanks to places like the BALTIMORE FLEA MARKET to have niggas claim freshness and style with fake desinger clothing. so when yall baltimore flea market consumers stunt yall shit at the club or at school or where ever make sure its not around me cause that shit really grinds my gears!

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